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MEMSensing was founded in 2007, funded by multiple high profile VCs and angel investors around the globe.  It is one of the earliest high-tech companies in China focusing on MEMS sensor products and solutions.  MEMSensing has established two mature product lines: MEMS microphone and pressure sensor.  Its customers include consumer electronics, industrial control, medical electronics and automotive, etc.  With a headquarter in Suzhou, the company also has sales offices in both Shanghai and Shenzhen, China.

취급품목      Silicon Microphone, Silicon G-Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Force Touch Sensor. Mems flow Sensor, Mems Thermopile Sensor, Bone Conduction Mic. MEMS Microphone, MEMS Pressure Sensor, MEMS Inertial Sensor

Email    mskim@seungjun.co.kr