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Nexperia is a dedicated global leader in Discretes, Logic and MOSFETs devices. Nexperia became independent in 2017. Focused on efficiency, Nexperia produces consistently reliable semiconductor components at high volume: 85 billion annually. Nexperia extensive portfolio meets the stringent standards set by the Automotive industry. And industry-leading small packages, produced in her own manufacturing facilities, combine power and thermal efficiency with best-in-class quality levels. Built on over half a century of expertise, Nexperia has 11,000 employees across Asia, Europe and the U.S. supporting customers globally.

Operating item

Bipolar Transistors : Adj. shunt regulator, General purpose, BISS/RETs Transistor

Diodes : Zener/Switching/Schottky Diodes, Schottky/PN Rectifiers

ESD protection, TVS, Filtering and signal conditioning ESD protection MOSFETs : Automotive MOSFETs, Small signal MOSFETs, Power MOSFETs

LOGIC : Interface Logic, I/O expansion Logic, Control Logic, Automotive Logic

Automotive : Bipolar Transistor, Diodes, ESD Protection & TVS, LOGIC, MOSFET

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