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NUVOTON is a company that specializes in making semiconductors. It was established in 2008, based in Taiwan. NUVOTON is Winbond Electronics Corporate's investment firm and commenced business in July 2008, separated from Winbond. The main product line is micro-controller, application IC, audio, cloud, computing IC, and foundry service. ARM cortex-MO, micro-controller IC products are well known for their high density and functionality. Cloud and computer product line design and manufacture PC mainboard, laptop, and core chips for server, suppling all-in-one Super I/O solution, hardware monitoring IC, power management IC, TPM security IC, laptop keyboard controller, mobile platform, embedded control(EC), and etc.

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Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, Application Specific SoCs, Audio MCU/CODEC/ISD Chip Coder/Speech/Voice ICs, Cloud & Computing, Power Management, IoT Solution, Secure IoT MCU

Email       sean.park@seungjun.co.kr